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Call to Arms - Gates of Hell: Ostfront - Table for Cheat Engine {Jo Jim}


True godmode for infantry and vehicles (w/o aircraft)
; enable all options to have completely immortal units
; 1. No HP decrease (original ~WhiteSnoop's cheat, but units die from fire, inside destroyed vehicle, fly in the air etc)
; 2. No blow wave affection - infantry don't fly in the air on blows
; 3. No death - in some specific case like being inside a blown vehicle or fly in the air can cause an instant death
; 4. No burning - no damage from Molotov (units and vehicle)
; 5. No damage from scene - added just in case (I haven't seen the case when a falling tree kills a unit)
; 6. No tracks affection - infantry don't pin down to the ground with vehicle tracks
; There are 7 more godmode addresses about GM, but I didn't find the source of damage. So just saved them in the code list for future.
; If you still see the casualties on mission statistics (campaign, not conquest) then "greens" have died (greens=allies).
Infinite ammo:
; infantry and vehicle
; It has funny side effect - single ammo weapon/gun shoots like a machinegun (no reloading). A single mortar shoots a volley of 40-50 shells in 1 secs which makes the target area a wasteland. No armor survives such salvo. Poor Tigers... So I have made an alternative option for ammo which make the fight more realistic (retaining reload time)
Infinite clip/shell:
; infantry and vehicle
; You need to have at least 1 clip of bullets for a soldier weapon or 1 shell for a vehicle gun in their inventory. It won’t be depleted after reloading

Use Infinite ammo OR Infinite clip/shell. Together will work but i didn't tested well.

Infinite stamina:
; You will not run out of breath
; original ~WhiteSnoop's cheat, affects enemy soldiers too.
Infinite fuel:
; No need to stop for gas.
; original ~WhiteSnoop's cheat, affects enemy vehicles too.
Affect allies:
; GM and other cheats are applied to "greens". But they still can die due to scripted event (by design), and nothing can be done with it. Or or aircraft is shooted down. You will see casualties on mission statistics in such cases (e.g. Absolute 0 or Bustard Hunt).

Author: Jo Jim

The source of information - Call To Arms

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