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Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions - Table for Cheat Engion {asthebloody}

  • Player Info: Hero Mode (Go to Player Stats > Team > Change Player to Update The Address)
  • Cheat Script (Set to 1, If u want to activate it)
  • Time Editor (Set to 1, if u want to activate it. INSTANT END MATCH WONT END THE MATCH IF U FREEZE THE TIME)
  • Friendship Max (Go to Friendship Info. ONE TIME USE, TURN OFF AFTER U SEE THE EXP MAX)
  • Score (Play Match)
  • Score SSS+ (Go to Individual Evaluate > Change Player to Update the Score SSS+, (TURN OFF THE SCRIPT AFTER U USE IT, TURN ON AGAIN AFTER U END THE MATCH AND GO TO Individual Evaluate again)
  • To Unlock All Skill there's dropdown list, change into it (If there's Invalid ID its because im write it into AOB not Binary, because its too much)
  • Some ID's for Techniques still raw, because u dont need it if u already unlock All Skills and Techniques
  • For goalstyle id, i dont know how to describe it using word, try to check every Goalstyle ID's on Ultimate Player Edit
  • Update 2 - FOR VERSION 1.06 :
    - Add infinite buff duration
    - Fix Max Friendship
    - Fix some static Address
  • Update 1 - FOR VERSION 1.05 :
    - Add Some ID for equipped item

Author: asthebloody

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