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Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions - Table for Cheat Engion v1.20 {bayyyhaudra}

So i hope this table work.. all table i already fix it but you know im not some kind pro table maker like astlebloody so sorry but at least i try it and help astlebloody.
i already test it almost fixed it maybe only type command like mastsuyama shout and etc still im not change cause still confused about that.

give credit to astlebloody to help me fix the table and him a creator a table
and give credit to tekknen who update it to v1.20 first
hope u enjoy
Made by astlebloody
Made by tekknen

Author: bayyyhaudra

The source of information - Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champi

DOWNLOAD (34.3 Kb) 2021-Mar-20

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Can't be done, or at least nobody figured out how yet. It's quite likely the values of those items is server-sided, not client-sided.