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Cardaclysm: Table for Cheat Engine {gideon25}

May have to do a battle first before values populate. You can edit all the values you see: Shards, runes, tokens, keys, etc. Tier Level sets the tier or level of enemies you will encounter. Higher=harder+better rewards. Activate the scripts you want before battle and leave them on..some of them won't take effect unless they are on before battles start. Hotkeys are included. The card changer lets you change any card to any other card the game has. The immunity is immunity to spells I believe. Player can retaliate sets the flag for all player cards to have the ability to retaliate over and over. Max HP sets and locks player cards to 999. One hit kill sets the enemy cards to zero health soo just takes doing 1 damage to kill.

Author: gideon25

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