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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Ultimate Edition: Table for Cheat Engine {masakiandou}


No press outer circle QTE
now, when to do any Circle ring QTE. just spam any button to do NOTHING outside the circle. you will lost this QTE when you don't press anything only.

mash QTE 0 = Da/ 1 = Aa/ 2 = Jump/ 3 = SWp
Smash Button QTE. now you can fixed what button you like. as Interger, 0 means your direct attack button, 1 means your Area attack button 2 means your jump button, 3 means your SupWeapon button.

31589E damage all screen (boss hp bug)
when game update value on any acts, SET damage to ANYTHING on screen except Player/Laura (friend NPCs still die) as minus HP = OHK. may cause bug on Boss battle as Silver HP bar still gone. just for fun only.

31589E HP25 all screen
as above, but set anything to 25HP ,use when you want to ride anything. and then deactivated.

7B637 trueDMG 7000 when touch (except Gabr/Laura)
As I use word "trueDMG" because It's replace real damage deal to ANYTHING except Player/Laura, that leave at 100 HP to no freezes when got full Life Gems bonus. This cheat IS 1st thing that I learned from VampTY's table. VERY THANK YOU.

298ED7 fairy gone 1 hit
Now, Your Green Fairy can Kill Enemies, use SET damage to ANYTHING codes on this. may cause bug on Silver HP bar too..

2B8E85 L.fairy per hit
And this Light Fairy version of above. use SET damage to ANYTHING codes on this again. now you have Nu Gundam's Fin Fennels.

7B685 destroy all obj when load kill mul35
another DESTRUCTION codes. DESTROY ANY breakable OBJECTS on Entire CHAPTER after loading into stages. Except Objects that must use Shadow Magic to destroy. cause bug to Multiply Kill times of any defeat enemies to 35-40 at random. maybe drop items too much for made some stage lags. Good for Destroy objects Trials (load at checkpoint still OK). I use Hotkeys to deactivate in this, Hotkeys are W S A D. when you moves, codes off.

orge hand HP
annoying Boss that bugs any my OHK codes except trueDMG. this scans what HP that hand lefts.

shadow activate 0 off 1 on
this activate your Shadow magic like manually, 0 off 1 on. I used this for..

Semi Shadow (must reactivate after any scenes)
This activate Shadow Magic but no Specific Bonuses. less bonus damage. lost QUICK CHARGE, Guardbreak on Attacks, Multiply damage no Oppose Color. why made this? THIS BYPASS Final Battle trap magic rings even red and blue. but can't damage Colors minions, can't bypass "THIS IS POWAA OF A GOD?" and "STAY AWAY FROM ME" rings too.

light activate 0 off 1 on
this activate your Shadow magic like manually, 0 off 1 on.

Semi Light (must reactivate after any scenes)
Light Magic version of above, But THIS can refill HP !!

Barr timer 1-15
Light Holy Vial barrier Timer, count up to 15 secs. does NOTHING as I tries many times. need someone better than me to fixed this.

in swamp
step in swamp checked, I tried to bypass slowdown. I'm still not good.

in poison
step in poison swamp checked, I'm still not good.

- dont activate any OHK CHEATs ever. this stage is only my rival to testing codes.

Author: masakiandou

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