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Catherine Classic - Table for Cheat Engine {Pontifice}

I made a table with:

Freezing the drop of blocks. Shortcut Shift+S. Does not work for bosses and there are some problems with levels where the blocks come from above

Pointer to coins,continues and combo points. Main game and playing levels

Teleport Up two blocks above you. Shortcut Q Key

Teleport Up three (three and a half) blocks above you and one block forward. Shortcut E Key

Teleport Katherine to your position and 4 blocks above her position. Shortcut R Key

Warning Teleport will instantly kill you if you appear between blocks, above trap blocks and maybe other cases.
Some values are stored in multiple addresses and sometimes they should be changed in both addresses in the table, sometimes one address is enough


Author: Pontifice

The source of information - Catherine Classic

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