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Chef: A Restaurant Tycoon Game - Table for Cheat Engine {ndck76}


Infinite Money *Hotkey Included* (Before activating this cheat, you need to buy/sell an item and activate it. Then buy/sell the item again)
Infinite Ingredients points *Hotkey Included* (Located in the Ingredients Panel. Before activating this cheat, use up a few points and activate the cheat and use it again)
Infinite Influence points *Hotkey Included* (Located in the City Map panel. Before using this cheat, select on any district and use at least a point or two of the available points given to you. Then activate the cheat and use it again.)
Experience points (Located in the Character Panel to upgrade the Player & staff skill/experience points.
Important: First, use a point or so and then activate the script. Now the bottom box you can set it to a moderate amount (ex:20) and freeze it. If you happen to deactivate this cheat and reactivating this later on and notice the value will become negative (ex:-3434) and unable to use the points available. Don't worry, just edit the value again and freeze it, and it will follow the value given by you.)
- Minor adjustment on Infinite Influence points.
- Revamp Table Layout
Infinite Money *Hotkey Included*
Infinite Ingredients Points *Hotkey Included*
Infinite Skills/Experience Points *Hotkey Included* {Important: If you want to use this script, make sure you need to MAXIMIZE any of the workers skill tree}
Infinite Influence Points *Hotkey Included*
City Map Panel *Hotkey Included*
Current Budget *Hotkey Included*
Previous Budget *Hotkey Included*
Player Profile *Hotkey Included*
Player Actions Manager *Hotkey Included*
Skill Manager Panel *Hotkey Included* {Important: To use this editor, you need to set the "Temporary Experience Points" to at least 20 and freeze it. The "Experience Points" should freeze the value at 0 to prevent the value to become negative.
- Skill Manager Panel pointer offsets revised

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