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Chernobylite: Table for Cheat Engine {cfemen}

Table Update for Rev. 25359

its working on Steam and GOG, thx to Kanelakis for testing!

-you wont get any damage or damage effects from enemys

Health Script
-health wont decrease
+health will go to max if the inventory is open

No Radiation
-you wont get any radiation
+radiation will be reseted if the inventory is open

Ignore Ammo/No Reload
-you can shoot without reload

Free Craft // Food // Ammo
-you can craft/cook/build everything without resources.
it also gives you free food and ammo while its activ.

No Recoil
-no recoil for automatic weapons (AK-47)

Damage Multiplier x?
-multiplies the damage with x?
default x? = 2.0

XP Multiplier x?
-multiplies the gained XP with x?
default x? = 2.0

XP Pointer
(open inventory)
every +100 you get 1 level up
0-100 = Level 1
0-200 = Level 2
0-300 = Level 3
and yeah if you want fast level, just give it 95 or 195 or 295 and kill an enemy = instant level up.

Author: cfemen

The source of information - Chernobylite

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