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Chernobylite: Table for Cheat Engine {cfemen}

Table Update for Rev. 22770!

its working on Steam and GOG, thx to Kanelakis for testing!

Inf HP

Free Craft // Food // Ammo
-you can craft/cook/build everything without resources.
it also gives you free food and ammo while its activ.

No Relead
-you can shoot without reload

Easy Kills
-you can kill enemys with 1 shot

XP Pointer
-pointer to current EXP:
every +100 you get 1 level up
0-100 = Level 1
0-200 = Level 2
0-300 = Level 3
and yeah if you want fast level, just give it 95 or 195 or 295 and kill an enemy = instant level up.

Full Health
Remove Radiation
open inventory to get the effect
radiation may needs some time to update in the game HUD (you can see in the inventory UI that the radiation is removed)

Author: cfemen

The source of information - Chernobylite

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