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Chinese Parents: Table for Cheat Engine +7 v1.0.8.1 {GreenHouse}


- Get Player
Includes some of the player info: Money, Action Points, Knowledge, Mood, Stats... All of these are editable.
Click on the character info panel on the top left of the screen to update the info.

- Always Max Action Points
You'll always have the maximum amount of Action Points.

- Unlimited Parent Requests
You'll always have 5 request points that won't decrease.

- No Stress
You won't have stress no matter what you do.

- Infinite Challenge HP
When in challenges, your mother HP won't go down. Visually it goes down a little, but you'll still be at full hp.

- Insta-Max Relationships
Instantly max your friends relationships to 100.

- Ending Blind Date 100% Win Rate
The dates at the end of the game will have 100% win rate. So you'll always get a YES as an answer.

Author: GreenHouse

The source of information - Chinese Parents

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