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Chronicle: Unit Eight - Table for Cheat Engine {ndck76}

God Mode *Hotkey Included* (Can be activated at any time)
Infinite Health *Hotkey Included* (Get hit first, then activate this cheat. You can either pick this cheat or God Mode. You cannot choose both)
1 Billion Parts Upgrade Points *Hotkey Included* (Collect a few of these and then activate the cheat)
Freeze Laser Weapon Timer *Hotkey Included* (This will give you laser weapon unlimited time usage)
Rapid Fire Attack Rate *Hotkey Included* (When activating this cheat try switching shot types. Try to deactivate and activate it again. It does work.)
Infinite Bombs *Hotkey Included* (You need to have at least 2 bombs. Use 1 bomb and then activate the cheat)
Boss Rush Meter *Hotkey Included* (Not too sure what this meter actually does. I guess it's something to do with facing the boss??)
Fast level Up *Hotkey Included* (Fastest way to level up is to shoot down a ship or two and let the player die. At the end, there will be a some leveling up. Activate this cheat after the normal level up. After that, you need to repeat this method a few times. Max Level is 16 or so. You can refer to the stats)
Main Weapon Shot Types *Hotkey Included* (Included 5 different types of shots that will replace your current main shot. To make this cheat work, you need to activate and deactivate this cheat or just activate it. See which method works for you)

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