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Citizens of Space: Table for Cheat Engine {ImpalaPUA}


-God Mode
-Edit Money (open menu)
-Battle Character stuff (exp, TP)
-Summon/Partner Character (TP, sometimes takes opening the menu multiple times)
-Infinite Energy
-Infinite Charisma
-Items never decrease (should be fixed for key items)
-No encounters
-Gain items when you sell it (good for duping items, don't leave enabled)
-Freeze Bounty Timer
-Freeze Delivering Pizza Timer
-Freeze Cold/Hot Weather Timer (Desert or Snow areas)
-Freeze Law Timer
-Easy Fishing
-Dance Dance Mini Game (to get Popstar)
-Assistant's battle count pointer (can change the amount of battles you did in each zone)
-Shiny Collected count (Pick up shiny to activate, set above 1000 to recruit the janitor)

Author: ImpalaPUA

The source of information - Citizens of Space

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