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Command and Conquer Remastered Collection: Table for Cheat Engine {ZoDDeL}

game version:
tiberian dawn / red alert > 1.153 build 732159

set money to 99999
set power to 99999

run table and game (order doesnt matter)
dont hook anything
go into a mission or multiplayer vs AI
on first use press hotkey multiple times (required to attach the game exe)
you will get money and power together.
you can re-use the hotkey if you run out of money
only press hotkey when you ingame (where you move units)
the scripts will disable after a second. thats intended.
if you wanna change the game (from red alert to tiberian dawn or vice versa) you must
end the table and run it again.

Author: ZoDDeL

The source of information - Command and Conquer Remastered

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