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Command and Conquer: Tiberian Dawn Remastered - Table for Cheat Engine {SunBeam}

Some bullshit you that won't be useful to you:

  • As it stands at this hour, only C H and FLiNG (from those I know) have decent trainers for this game, based on the google screenshots I've seen. I've yet to see MAF and WM posting something, and yes, I dare say they will just excuse themselves like everyone else does, that "they have a lot of updates and that keeps them busy", while waiting for public tables with enough options to be nicely "accommodated" in their trainers. Which is exactly what @STN has been saying all along: FRF is an easy market for their needs.
  • Why am I saying the above: I really can't ignore the long history of ripping accusations regarding the person or his site. No matter how bad, knowing of the future merger, WM wanted me to see MAF differently. I guess some labels stick to people and they're annoying to shake off. Oh wellz.
  • I've played all of the GDI campaign last night with the features you've seen in the last screenshot in this topic; the only issue is having to disable/enable the scripts every time a mission loads. I'll think of a better work-around, but for now, you have a hotkey that disables all scripts (Numpad 7).

Additional Notes & Instructions:

  • God Mode: your units and buildings are invulnerable (received damage is set to 0) and their health gets refilled to max when shot at (player only)
  • Unit Costs 0$ To Build: building doesn't cost a dime (player only)
  • Instant Build: if the player building something is HUMANPLAYER, then max out the build counter (note that you might have to give it 1s pause when building @ Factory; else, your tank will be inside the building, even though you won't see it; just draw a selection, move it away and build again) (player only)
  • Instant Repair: if the player doing repairs is HUMANPLAYER, then get max, subtract fill amount in current phase and fill health; result: instant repair (player only)
  • You can now use Numpad 7 to enable/disable the first 4 scripts under [ Scripts ] section
  • If you don't want to use all the scripts at once, remove the hotkey by right-clicking the script > Set/Change hotkeys (Ctrl+H) > right-click Hotkey > Delete
  • Just hit Numpad 7 when you see MISSION ACCOMPLISHED; hit Numpad 7 again when the mission intro videos plays. That simple.
  • The only script not included in the automation is Select Object Pointer. What you can do with this: once enabled, it will let you see the XY Coordinates, Current Health and Max Health of the selected object by mouse. I guess unit speed is somewhere in here as well, just didn't bother going even further with this. If you want to manually edit a unit's health, check Max and update Health to that value. Units have the Max stored at a certain offset, Buildings at a different offset. That's why 2 entries.


  • Revamped the scripts to use House->IsHuman flag, rather than the PlayerPtr (this will make sure the scripts also work in Skirmish mode, not giving the AI any advantage)
  • Added Set Ground Speed & Rate Of Fire script; it will set your GroundspeedBias to 3.0 and RateOfFireBias to 0.05; if you want to adjust the values, open the script and see rows 9 & 10; same goes for adding other Bias values (like Firepower, Armor, etc.); hotkey: Numpad 7 - - like the rest, you're required to re-press this when you move from one mission to another

Author: SunBeam

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