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Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars - Table for Cheat Engine {monster}

Game speed freeze and switch with 1,2,3, did not test anything higher than 3.
Affections and mood for heroines.
Overall Team Stats for Leader team and star children,pres "G" to toggle or set to 65000 and freeze to insta-kill anything on contact in the labyrinth, except quest monsters.
Unfreeze Overall Team Stats before leaving the labyrinth to avoid game crash.
Also change is not permanent unfreeze and it will return to normal.
Update 2
Map set to 3, to show full map and traps near you.
Dusk Analysis set 100 to activate and freeze.
Update 3
Messages set both to


1 for Fuuko
2 for Serina
3 for Ellie
4 for Torri
5 for Narika
6 for Feene
7 for Chloe
8 for Chlotz

Update 4
Added EXP pointers for star children set to 999999, or pres "C" for fast level up even on insta-kill.
Update 5
Added EXP pointers for MC and current Heroine and fixed some hotkeys.
And found more stable pointers, no crashes in about 30 hours of game-play, it's probably safe to keep it all of this activated.

The source of information - Conception II: Children of the Seve

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