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Condemned: Criminal Origins - Table for Cheat Engine +2 {gir489}

Infinite Ammo for now. Bought this for $4 on Steam sale, thought I'd play it again.

EDIT: Added Infinite Stamina and made Infinite Ammo use AoBScan for the server code.

EDIT2: I found a way to do "proper" infinite ammo like from Condemned 2, where you start the level with a gun, however, the gun that the game gives you is a debug pistol, and the player can not drop it for a normal weapon, and it steals your current weapon when loading a save or resuming after enabling, and disabling does not fix it. The original table still has the problem where if you pickup a gun it will sometimes show like 50 rounds stacked on top of eachother, and it will show the count incorrectly, switching the weapon to melee and back shows it as its true server value (0). I've tried fixing both tables, but I honestly just don't care anymore, don't pickup a weapon that's empty, EZPZ.

Author: gir489

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