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Control: Table for Cheat Engine +14 {Cielos}


- health still drop when being hit but you won't die.
min health can be set via the entry. default: 0.5, can be changed by editing the script, line 6

damage multiplier
- damage deal to non-player will be multiplied by the specified multiplier.
- multiplier can be set via the entry x?. default: x2, can be changed by editing the script, line 3.

max ammo
- no reload~

recharge key
- when facilitated, press R key to recharge clip to max instantly.
- hold R key when you're aiming allows you to see the reload animation as well.
- I've changed the game's "Toggle Side" from R to another key obviously. you should do the same if you want this script to work properly.

fast recharge
- when activated, when the ammo clip is emptied, the time you need to wait until the gun start to recharge will be shorten.
- when the gun start to recharge from empty clip, it will be recharged to max instantly.

instant charge
- when activated, Pierce form can be fired instantly without charging, and Charge form will fire 3 projectiles instantly without charging.

max energy
- as title says.

ignore ability points
- you can learn any abilities regardless of your current ability points.
- required ability points of an ability would appear to be zero, but you ability points still decrease until it reaches zero when you learn an ability.

ignore $ / materials
- activate before you enter the Astral Constructs.
- you can craft anything in the Astral Constructs regardless of your current $ and materials.
- $ still decrease until it reaches zero.
- materials still decrease when you craft.
- ability points may be shown as a big number in the base, the actual ability points wasn't altered in anyway. if that happens, just de-activate both this and ignore ability points script and the value shown should back to normal the next time you access a base.
- should de-activate the script after you done crafting. activate again next time you need to craft.

levitate mod
- allows you to stay in air as long as you want when you enter levitation.
- after you exit the levitation and start falling, if you press and hold the specified key / controller button and press the jump key/button, instead of start floating down slowly, you'd levitate up again.
- you won't enter the hover state automatically after your second levitate up. instead you have to press the jump key/button again to stop levitating up, and start falling again after that. in this falling state, you can choose to float down, or levitate up (by holding the specified key / controller button)again.
key can be changed via the entry's drop-down-list. default: SHIFT key.
controller button can be changed via the entry's drop-down-list. default: Left Trigger.

evade/dash distance multiplier key
- when activated, press and hold the SHIFT key to evade/dash with a distance multiplied by 20.
key can be changed via the entry's drop-down-list.
- the multiplier can be changed via the entry x?.

walk key
- when activated, hold Alt key and move to walk. could be useful for k+m player.
- you can change the status to "toggle key" if you want to .... use toggle key instead of hold key.
key can be changed via the entry's drop-down-list.

slow motion
- just a simple lua script that allows you to hold 2 keys together, or hold either of the 2 keys, to change the game speed by using CE's speedhack, which can be done by setting up hot-keys in CE's Settings anyway. the script just make it so that you don't need to reset the CE's hotkeys for different games.
- by script default, when activated, press CapsLock key, or Right Mouse Button, to enter slow motion, release the key to resume speed.
- change and/or? to "and" if you want to hold 2 keys together to enter slow motion.

unlock all outfits
- made based on the findings shared by infogram.
- access the Control Point at the base (Central Executive) after you activated the script.
- if you want to unlock the outfits individually, you can do so via the [outfits] pointers instead. pointers will be populated when you access the Control Point at the base.

Author: Cielos

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