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COVID: The Outbreak - Table for Cheat Engine {miraikolus}

Wanted to beat the vir yourself? In this game you can. With this table a bit faster. It's not finished, I might continue but for now somehow pissed how they did c&p stuff (that alone ok - what is not: ) in a very bad way creating a messy db and lots of unused stuff from their other game resp. upcoming successor to Realpolitiks. Why do I think it's from that game? See yourself (+ there is way more stuff but that's most obv.).

Warning: don't use the orange Fast ...." options for now, they seem to be just affecting the visuals or resp. notifications. But i thought I'd leave it in case some1 want's to continue there. Just that for now .... simply no!

Author: miraikolus

The source of information - COVID: The Outbreak

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