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Crusader Kings 2: Table for Cheat Engine v3.0 {CompactDisc}

This extension contains a large amount of extra pointers for the game. It will allow you to alter much more than Recifense's script alone.
It also enables the console in ironman mode and achievements in modded/ruler designer games.

Download the original table from Recifense and open it in cheat engine. Then open my extension in the same Cheat Engine instance. It may ask you if you want to merge or keep the current list, say yes.

2016 Mar 18: Updated for Crusader Kings II v2.7.0.1 (OAWR) - Extension v2.3
2016 Mar 18: Fix- Extension v2.3a
Fixed tech pointers + Added modded achievements
2016 Apr 26: Updated for Crusader Kings II v2.7.1.0 (APAH) - Extension v2.4
2016 Apr 27: Fix for v2.7.1.0 (BPAH) - Extension v2.5
- Fixed Selected County pointers
2016 Aug 17: Update for Crusader Kings II v2.7.2.0 (GMTV) - Extension v2.6
- Fixed a bug with character religion pointer
2017 Nov 19: Update for Crusader Kings II v2.8.0 (PLQA) - Extension v2.7
- Big thanks to H Con for doing most of the update for me.
2017 Dec 06: Update for Crusader Kings II v2.8.1 (WTTG) - Extension v2.7
2018 Mar 12: Update for Crusader Kings II v2.8.1.1 (ISRM) - Extension v2.8
2018 Sep 23: Update for Crusader Kings II v2.8.3.3 (SAHQ)
- Removed versions from extension, will add a letter for subsequent updates within the same patch.
2018 Nov 15: Update for Crusader Kings II v3.0 (PXTU)
- Removed 'total fertility' pointer due to being useless
- Added mod in attachments to enable game rule modifications


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Thank you for your amazing table, it worked very well smile

Are you going to make an update for v3.0.1?