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Crusader Kings III: Achievement Table v1.2.2 {CompactDisc}

This table allows one to get achievements while running mods and/or using the console.
It also contains many value pointers for the game, allowing you to alter values manually.

In combination with the 'Rules Mod' (see attachments), you can even get achievements with any game rules enabled.

Try to enable the '[X] <== Enable Achievements with Mods/Debug Mode' function before entering the main menu.
In other words: during the loading screen.
If this is not possible (perhaps due to your awesome SSD setup), click 'New Game' -> 'Game Rules' and turn Ironman (off and) on again. The table will initialise and you can load a game if you want to.

Game rules mod
I didn't put this mod up on the workshop due to Paradox rules. You can only download the mod from this post or the discord server.
Extract it to this folder: "%USERPROFILE%\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Crusader Kings III\mod".

There should be a mod file and a folder called 'rules' now.
Select the mod in the launcher to activate it.

Author: CompactDisc

The source of information - Crusader Kings 3

DOWNLOAD (5.1 Kb) 2020-Dec-10

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