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Crying Suns: Table for Cheat Engine {jgoemat}

Worked on this while developing my mono tools...

* CHEAT: Travel Anywhere (DISABLE WHEN FINISHING SECTOR or game will hang)
* CHEAT: Expedition: Officer always has skill to overcome danger
* CHEAT: Expedition: No retreats
* CHEAT: Expedition: No dangers or predicaments
* CHEAT: Battle: Instant deploy & no enemy deploy
* CHEAT: Battle: No damage to player
* CHEAT: Battle: Instant weapon reuse
* CHEAT: System: Scavenge max fuel (3) every system
* CHEAT: Alert: No alert spread to other systems
* > Register Statics (Expand for editing fuel/scrap/commandos)

Author: jgoemat

The source of information - Crying Suns

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