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Crysis 1: Table for Cheat Engine (GoG v1.1.1 b6156 x64) {Paul44}

Prenote: I've "played" till the end; and retested several sessions again. Especially I took out extra time to finetune the tank scripts. That said: the game will occassionally crash during certain 'progress loading' events (even with values not locked at all). I've tried to pinpoint the 'offending' script to no avail. The easiest solution is to disable all scripts before/during these moments (= [Ctrl+F12]).

* Ammo (infinite & no reload): I noticed that the minigun ammo - the only case it seems - keeps decrementing anyway. In such case, simply lock its value temporarily...
* Nanosuit energy: health + powers.
* Machinegun heating: applies to any weapon that needs cooling down...
* Night vision (hardly used it, but was easy to find).
* Tank: manage damage, grenades & reload. Enabling the 'Components' script locks all items at once (and vice versa).
* Prophet health: stop him from freezing.
* Ammo (more info): my initial ammo script (could be helpful). Needed far more time to identify each type, and couldn't be bothered...

- lock appropriate values, if needed
- most values will be collected upon first use

Author: Paul44

The source of information - Crysis

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