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Curse of the Dead Gods: Table for Cheat Engine v0.19.0.3 {cfemen}


-you will get damage but you cant die, you can set a minimum health.

Damage Multiplier x?
-set x? to any value you want
default = 2

Full Stamina
-stamina is always full

No Corruption
-you wont get a curse while script is activ

Ignore Gold
-you can offer gold regardless of your gold amount

Min. Skulls x
-activate before you open the skill shrine
-you will now have atleast skulls (UI won't show it until you buy something or start a dungeon)
-default = 50

Move Speed Mod.
-you can set a new move speed
-default = 1.5
-note : you may have to dodge / attack one time to update the ingame value

Skill Unlocker
-unlocks every selected skill

Auto. Parry Mod
-default chance is 50% (you can change that)
-enemy attacks will be auto. parried based on that chance
-works for almost every enemy type.

Attribute Pointer
(values will update on next room or if you dodge)

Author: cfemen

The source of information - Curse of the Dead Gods

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