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Cyberpunk 2077: Inventory-Reader {cfemen}

This script will filter based on a list of hashes and if its found (in your inventory) you can easily edit your money/ammo/health-kits/crafting components.

If script is activ you will see the Item Filter will have a default value of Items.money you can change it if you click on it (the game likes to be in the foreground - so you may have to alt+tab to the input input to make it visible)

now open the inventory backpack or crafting menu and the Amount memory record will now populate and you can change the amount.

The Items hash list is huge and mostly most of the stuff is probably useless, but im not far enough in the game to test everything, so feel free to test & report which Items are working and how they are named in the game!

some names may be "strange" e.g the default first ait kit you get in the game is called Items.BonesMcCoy70V0

In my crafting inventory i have common and uncommon materials - Items.CommonMaterial1 and UncommonMaterial1 works to get the pointers (if i open the crafting menu)
so im sure the Items.EpicMaterial1/2 and tems.LegendaryMaterial1/2 will also work

on the bottom of the list you will find every ammo type, to populate them just swap to the weapon that uses this ammo or open your backpack/crafting menu.

This Inventory Reader will work for Steam & GOG!

Author: cfemen

The source of information - Cyberpunk 2077

DOWNLOAD (4.4 Kb) 2020-Dec-11

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