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Dark Void: Table for Cheat Engine {VampTY}


-----/------/Player/Ship [Boost]

  • You'll last longer! I hope that didn't hurt that much! 

-----/Atem/Player/Ship [Endurance/Health]

  • There's this dude Atem in some level where you'll need to protect him, no problem now, he won't die, player as well won't die and also whatever ship you'll fly won't take any damage

-----/------/Player/---- [Inventory] Ammo [Reload Off]

  • Ammo for all the weapons with reload

-----/------/Player/---- [Inventory] Ammo [Reload On]

  • Ammo for all the weapons with no reload

-----/------/Player/---- [Inventory] Fusion Grenades

  • Unlimited grenades to blast your way!

-----/------/Player/Ship [Heavy Damage/One Hit Kill]

  • Only if you suck at this game!Don't ever use it in any boss fight!

-----/------/Player/Ship [Tech Points]

  • Either you're on foot or in the air, points will be gathered

Allies/------/------/---- [Toughness] Survivor Forces

  • There's some mission, when you'll need to protect these, activate it only if you just can't make it!

Game [Speed] Fast

  • Game is faster!

Game [Speed] Slow

  • Game is slower!

Author: VampTY

The source of information - Dark Void

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