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Darkest Dungeon: Table for Cheat Engine v24839 {TheByteSize}

This is for Build 24839.
I copied some scripts and modified some of them and fixed Quirks script to works correctly on current game build.

  • Death Blow Resistance - you can use this to get certain achievement easier or play with low hp.
  • Damage Adjustment - it's a multiplier so you can increase your damage against mobs or use fraction to make them take less damage.
  • Dodge Chance - Change your dodge chance
  • Base Accuracy - Change Base Accuracy
  • Additional Base Speed
  • Additional Crit Chance
  • Resolve EXP Multiplier
  • Inf Resources
  • Light 100 - light will change to 100 on change.
  • Set Hero Quirks - updated Zanzer's script and attached Lock flag.

Author: TheByteSize

The source of information - Darkest Dungeon

DOWNLOAD (18.2 Kb) 2019-Aug-17

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