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Dawn of man: Table for Cheat Engine v1.0.4 Steam {darkGraf}

Max condition of buildings
Max fuel
Resources condition
InstaBuild+Insta\free build
Inf mud
Inf fish
Inf mineable on ground
Inf mineable underground
InstaProduction - craft, fishing, mining etc.
Always full stats (Health, Morale etc.) and fast movement. Big thx to fantomas for his finding of base address of settlers)
and scripts from previous authors that i don't maintain myself.
Upd. 2019.03.08
added Free trade
Added free craft for test. All recipes that you mouseover will become free. Pls give feedback about this option.
Moved Free craft under WIP section because it's game breaking feature in a bad way.
Upd. 2019.03.08
added Trader storage that contains amounts of products trader have.
Upd. 2019.03.09
Fixed bug when Free trade not work when commission is high.
Upd. #2
Added scripts from Cake-san for gog version (also worked for me on steam)
Reworked table so that cheats can't be activated if your game don't have needed opcodes that cheat using.
Upd. #3
Updated table from Cake-san
Upd. 2019.03.10
Possible fix of bug with trader window that causes crashes.
Upd. 2019.03.12
Added 999 max slot capacity of selected storage building. Works for homes too.
Upd. #2 Added second Trader storage script. Use one that activates. For some reason address of script injection changes from time to time. Will try to find new place for injection in future.
P.S. With high probability updates will break cheats.
P.S.S. Table may or may not work with cracked and GOG versions of the game.

Author: darkGraf

The source of information - Dawn of man

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