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Dead In Vinland: Table for Cheat Engine +10 {hysspy}

Game : Dead In Vinland.exe
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That's the file version, check yours [File Version & Product Version] on Dead In Vinland.exe -> RightClick -> Properties -> Details.
Well that's the formality and the word. Enjoy!

Update #1 :
I'm adding 1 cheat "GOD MODE", actually it's just copy paste from the 1 hit kill script 

GOD MODE [always activate before start of battle] : This script make player HP always 20. Sometimes enemy have a chance to attack first so this cheat must be activated, even when in the game you're just crafting or gathering water. But you must Deactivate this cheat when it's your turn to fight the enemy .[If you forget to deactivate this cheat the enemy hp always 20, so you can't killing it]

About Infinite AP : Activate only in your turn or else you're giving the enemy infinite ap 

Update #2 :
This time i'm adding 6 cheat, 1 of them are optional. (Optional) RES & ITEMS, MAXIMUM ALL WATER, MAXIMUM STATS, NO BAD STATS, CAMP ALWAYS 100%, and MAXIMUM FIRE, INSTANT CRAFT, FORGE & EXPLORING.

(Optional) RES & ITEMS : This script optional. I don't know what happens but sometimes this happens to me. Script inf.items will not freeze item to 9999 if i'm not activate this optional script . This script just copy paste from inf.res&items script.

MAXIMUM ALL WATER : This script freeze your green & blue water to 50. It's depends on your max capacity of green & blue water. Mine showing 50 [Max Green Water] & 25 [Max Blue Water].

MAXIMUM STATS : This script will max your character stats by giving them a task or using item[item that can improve stats]. Example : Character Crafting then notification popup crafting +1, but not just +1, but +999. This will happens too when using stats item. 

NO BAD STATS : This script will freeze 5 bad stats [Fatigue, Hunger, Sickness, Injury and Depression] to 0. 

CAMP ALWAYS 100% : This script will freeze camp condition always 100%.

MAXIMUM FIRE, INSTANT CRAFT, FORGE & EXPLORING : This script like humanity . It has Good Side & Bad Side. The Good Side are these 4 [Max Fire, Inst. Craft, Forge and Exploring]. Bad Side this script will max 5 bad stats to 100%. You can decrease it using sage potion [Forge -> Healing -> Sage potion]. This script will run automatically on Max Fire & Inst. Exploring.

To make this script run on crafting & forge, you need to re-select the upgrade that you want. Example : you want to upgrade option shelter II. Choose shelter II, then click the hammer [Automatically exit workshop window]. Open crafting plan but now you choose pillows I, click the hammer. Finally Choose crafting plan again, click Shelter II. See what happens . In forge try to doing it like this way. 

Remember to always deactivate this script before you click End Day.


Author: hysspy

The source of information - Dead In Vinland

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