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Dead Island GOTY: Table for Cheat Engine +11 Steam v1.3.0 {VampTY}

There's 11 options and all have hotkeys assigned to them:

F1 Unlimited Life
F2 Unlimited Stamina
F3 Unlimited Fury
F4 Unlimited Items
F5 Unlimited Money
F6 Multiplier Experience
F7 Durability Flashlight
F8 Durability Weapon
F9 One Hit Kill
F10 Unlimited Ammo (Reload Off)
F11 Unlimited Ammo (Reload On)

Details :

F1 The character you choose to play with won't die
F2 Run/fight for as long as you want 
F3 Activate it, have fun and when you had enough just deactivate it
F4 You need to have at least one item (medicine, incendiary, grenade, bottle, cable etc) 
F5 More is welcomed
F6 Level up quite fast
F7 Flashlight bar won't deplete
F8 Weapons won't break after use
F9 One hit and that's that (deactivate on protecting missions)
F10 Shoot without the need to reload
F11 Shoot and also reload


Author: VampTY

The source of information - Dead Island GOTY

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