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Dead or School: Table for Cheat Engine v5.02 {Cyber}


  • Inf. HP
  • Invincible
  • Inf Stamina
  • Inf. Jump
  • Inf. Ammo
  • OHKO
  • 100% item drop rate
  • Pointers to player status and weapon status
  • Change Resolution*
  • etc.

*Steps to change resolution:

  • Activate "resolution" script.
  • Set your custom resolution in table (W x H).
  • Back to the game, go to Settings then choose your custom resolution.

Note: Regarding weapon and attachment status, when you change weapon/attachment ability example from 112 to 115, make sure the ability/skill description value is 115a and text length is 4 (because it contains 3 numbers and 1 letter). Parameter means the power of enhancement. The value is in float between 0 - 1, but i don't know if it can go higher than 1.


Author: Cyber

The source of information - Dead or School

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