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Death end re;Quest 2: Table for Cheat Engine {Cyber}


  • Battle Status
    Infinite HP, Infinite SP, Nullify Status Ailment, Buff Control, etc.
  • Camera Status
    Disable Tilt Limit, Disable Zoom Limit, Pointers.
  • Character Status
    Pointers to Status, Skills*, and Equipment.
  • Enemy Status Mod
    Modify enemies HP, ATK, MAT, DEF, MDEF, and AGI.
  • Item Status
    Force Unlock Items In Shop and Set Item Buy Prices to 1.
  • Mission Status
    Instant Mission Completion
  • Player Coordinates Status
    Freeze Enemies

* You can add skills to a character using skill pointers but each time you add a skill to a character, don't forget to increase "Number of Skills" value to 1 or set the value to 50.
** Make sure to activate Player Coordinates Status script first. In-game press " Tilde " to activate Teleport script. Go to map then pin point your target location then return to close map. If you find yourself get stuck under the ground, Press " Shift + 2 " until you are on the ground. Disable Teleport script during battle.

Author: Cyber

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