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Death Stranding: Table for Cheat Engine {ctl3d32}

What it has:
a) Zero weight for all items;
b) Structure mods:
b.1)Max Durability;
b.2)Cheap Construction/Upgrade;
b.3)Instant Construction/Upgrade;
b.4)No Chiral Bandwidth Consumption.
c) New: Cheap Roads
d) New: Max Road Durability

Update 1
included: Max Building Durability & Cheap Upgrade

Update 2
Fixed: item b)

Update 3
Fixes & Improvents in item b:
Fixed Max Durability
Fixed Cheap Construction/Upgrade
Added Instant Construction/Upgrade
Added No Chiral Bandwidth Consumption

Update 4
included: Cheap Roads
included: Max Road Durability

Author: ctl3d32

The source of information - Death Stranding

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