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Deep Rock Galactic: Table for Cheat Engine {Akira}


-Unlimited Revives
-Unlimited Rockets
-Instant M1000 Classic ADS Bonus Damage
-Instant Grapple Cooldown
-Instant Grapples
-Unlimited Grapple Range
-Unlimited Explosives (C4)
-Unlimited Drill Fuel VS Terrain
-Unlimited Drill Fuel VS Organic
-No Drill Heat
-No Cryo Cannon Heat
-No Cryo Cannon Spinup Time
-Unlimited Cryo Cannon OC Ammo
-No Cryo Cannon OC Cooldown
-No Plasma Charger Heat
-No Plasma Charger Heat After Firing
-No Plasma Charger Spinup Time
-Unlimited Satchel Charge Ammo
-Unlimited Shield Generators
-Instant Shield Generator Recharge
-Modify Gunner Barrier Duration
-Modify Gunner Barrier Size
-No Minigun Heat
-Max Minigun Heat
-No Minigun Spinup Time
-No Minigun Spread
-Autocannon Rate Of Fire Modifier
-Unlimited Zipline Range
-Unlimited Zipline Angle
-Unlimited Turret Ammo
-Unlimited Turret Placement
-Change Min Distance Between Sentries
-Unlimited Turret Resupply
Perks & Special Abilities:
-Unlimited Perks Charges
-Instant Perk Recharge
-Change Gravity Scale
-Toggle Unlimited Jumping
-Make Gun Automatic Fire
-Instant Max Throw Force
-Real Throwing Power
-Make Gun Not Automatic Fire
Common Class:
-God Mode
-God Shields
-Unlimited Health (Works for DRILLDOZER)
-Character/Player Movement
--Change Running Speed
--Change Walking Speed
--Change Jump Height
--Change Step Height
--Climp Height
--Toggleable run speed mulitplier
-No Shield Regen Delay
-No Weapon Spread
-No Horizontal Weapon Spread
-No Vertical Weapon Spread
-Custom Firing Speed
-Rate of fire multiplier
-No Recoil
-Instant Ammo Resupply / Repair / Construction
-Instant Repair Drilldozer
-Instant Fill Fuel Canister (From Drilldozer)
-Shoot While Moving
-Fast Cooldown Rate
-Never Freeze From Cold
-Instant Unfreeze
-Unlimited Magazine
-Unlimited Reserve Ammo
-Unlimited Minigun Ammo
-Reload speed multiplier
-Unlimited Flares
-Unlimited Granades
-Pickaxe Upgrades
--Instant Rock Mining
--Instant Dirt Mining
--Instant Power Attack
--Pickaxe Destruction Amount
-Unlimited O2
-Collect Eggs and etc
-Mine Max Resources (80)
-Collect Hollomite / Dystrum
-Unlimited Mineral Drop In Mule
-Set Minerals On Player/Molly
-Set Blank Matrix Cores
Funny Mods:
-Turn Lights Off
-Turn Lights On
-Select Dance Move
-Grenade Throw Angle
-Flare Throw Angle
-Tracer Speed
Mission Specific:
-Instant fill Refinery
-Disable Enemy Spawn
-Disable Enemy Attacks
-Supply Cost = 1 Nitra
-No Cooldown Between Supplies
-Calling Supply Pod Adds Nitra
-Never Lose Blank Cores When Using Machine Event
-Lock Mission Timer
-Start Swarm
-Insta-Glyphid Spawns
-Always Spawn Cargo Crate
Resource Editing:
-Get Blank Cores
-Mineral Trade
--Don't lose Minerals when selling them
--Don't get Minerals when buying them
--Don't lose Credits when buying Minerals
---Don't get Credits when selling Minerals.
--Get 6660 Credits when buying Minerals
-Get 6660 Credits when selling Minerals

Author: Akira

The source of information - Deep Rock Galactic

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