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Deep Rock Galactic: Table for Cheat Engine {SunBeam}


  • god
    Makes you invulnerable. You'll need to re-enable it if you exit to main menu, then back in-game, load a save/quicksave or transition in any other way that makes the loading screen show up. Why; re-initialization. The god flag is a BOOL within your Character structure. When you reload the game, all structure are re-initialized by the Engine and their default statuses set in place. Which means your god bool will be reset. NOTE that if you enable god and save your game with it enabled, the next time you reload, it will be enabled. State seems to be saved in the save file.
  • slomo <float>
    Slows down, accelerates or sets game speed back to normal, depending on the value you give it. (e.g.: slomo 0.5; slomo 1; slomo 1.5)
  • teleport
    Will teleport your character to the location appointed by your mouse pointer. Simply aim some spot, then ~ and teleport [Enter]. You'll instantly get to your targeted location.
  • playersonly
    Currently is designed to freeze any AI in place, including yourself. In older versions of the Engine, this was freezing everything but you. Guess Epic changed their mind. Could probably be tweaked through code hooks to exclude the player Character from the list of frozen entities.
  • toggledebugcamera
    This will detach current camera from the player (in reality, it changes controller to the newly created camera UObject) letting you fly around and explore the area. You can use it together with 'teleport', for example, to move your player to the location where the camera is pointing. Just type it in the console once you've decided for the spot.
  • summon <blueprint_name>
    Probably the most powerful command one can use. It's designed to spawn/generate in front of your view an UObject defined by the Blueprint's name you've typed in. What you can do with this is simply use it in conjunction with either extracting the game's .pak archive (\Deep Rock Galactic\FSD\Content\Paks\FSD-WindowsNoEditor.pak) or with the ObjectsDump.txt file (\Deep Rock Galactic\FSD\Binaries\Win64\ObjectsDump.txt). I'll describe the 2nd one, as it's faster:

    - get in-game, inject the DLL
    - hit Numpad / just to make sure you have the latest .txt dumps
    - open ObjectsDump.txt in Notepad++ and search for "Package BP_"
    - everything that you see now can be summoned in-game, condition being you suffix them with a "_C"

Author: SunBeam

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