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Demoncrawl: Table for Cheat Engine {EpicBirdi}

Made for patch #1.78, Sept. 29th

Just a simple script to get player XP, Tokens and Prestige pointers.

To have them populate just go into a menu and back out to the main menu while the script is on.

Manually editing the Tokens will cause the game to crash via its anticheat.
Prestige pointer is visual, and caps at 10 (X). If you set your XP to a high amount and go into a menu, and back out to the main menu, you can prestige instantly. It may load your local, real XP value from the save file, but you can just change the value higher to adjust for that.

You can rapidly gain tokens by maxing prestige with this and freezing the XP at 99 and completing any level on any difficulty. You'll level up repeatedly, quickly, and gain tokens that way.

Author: EpicBirdi

The source of information - Demoncrawl

DOWNLOAD (3.3 Kb) 2021-Sep-30

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