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Desert Skies: Table for Cheat Engine {fantomas}


*Player_Needs -> Health - You're still getting damage but your health is quickly restored to its max.

*God Mode - Only about health - You'll not get any damage - pointer address with the Yes/No choice.

*No Damage - The title tells all.

*Super Crouch - It's about crouch speed (2.5 by default, if I remember) - Enable the script, crouch once to get the value. You'll get the choice between default, x2, x3 and x4.

*Super Run - The same as for Super Crouch.

*Super Sprint - The same as for Super Crouch.

*Super Jump - The same as for Super Crouch.

*NoBuildingRequirement - It allows you to build (with hammer) items w/o resource requirement.

*NoCraftingRequirement - It allows you to craft (workbench, blacksmith) items w/o resource requirement - Once the script enabled, use F/G to change the item (make a full turn) for it to work.

*NoFuelRequirement (Crafting) - It allows you to craft items w/o fuel requirement.

*No hunger - An alternative to Hunger from Player_Needs script.

*No Thirst - An alternative to Thirst from Player_Needs script.

*Inf Health - An alternative to Health from Player_Needs script.

*Inf Ammo - You'll need a bullet at least, then your ammo will increase on each shot.

*Inf Fuel (Airship) - You'll need a wood at least to generate your fuel left (at the beginning of the game, for example). And once you start ascending, your fuel gauge will be full. [b][color=#BF0000]Be aware that the game is scripted (at the beginning and at the ending) which is meaning that you'll not be able to do an action before you did another. An example, at the beginning you'll not be able to ascend with Airship before you picking up all the present resources!!! [/color][/b] I say you this before you complaining that it does not work.  ;)

*No Noise - Didn't test it enough but it is supposing to reduce the noise of your steps.

Author: fantomas

The source of information - Desert Skies

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