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Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition: Table for Cheat Engine {Karlos_007}

- Avoid enabling similar cheats (1,2,3) It shouldn't crash but only the last one enabled will work.
- Some scripts (12,17,19,20) are easy to edit and contain examples.
- Proud Souls are gained at the end or when quitting (You need to hit at least one enemy of course).
- Red Orbs are gained instantly, there are three values in memory, the first one is your visible orbs, the second one the hidden counter of orbs obtained, and the last one is the ones obtained from the map instead of enemies (800 - 100% on first map for example). With cheat (6) you can get S rank but also exceed that 100%, so use with caution.
- Dante Royal Guard requires at least 1 block to increase. With pandora you can either shoot enemies or fire one missile with the flying pandora.

- Any doubts or suggestions feel free to tell me (I wanted to add infinite i-frames but couldn't find the value).

Author: Karlos_007

The source of information - Devil May Cry 4

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