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Dex: Enhanced Edition - Table for Cheat Engine Build 5689 {kemenner}

The table uses mono and contains pointers for the player structure:
- HP
- Focus
- Money
- Skill Points
- Level
- Energy

Pointers for the weapon structure, there are a lot but the most useful are:
- Damage
- Range
- Reload Time
- Bullets in Clip
- Clip size
- Pointers for recoil control

Pointers for the CharacterFOV static structure, where you can mess around with the enemies field of view (FOV), the invisibility cheat uses one of this values.

It also has cheats for:
- God Mode (you can still die from events that are supposed to one hit kill you, like falling in a bottomless pit, the acid pool in the toxic part of the sewers, or getting crushed under an elevator)
- Unlimited Focus (you can still “die” if you touch a black hole in cyberspace, you don’t actually die you get kicked out)
- Unlimited Energy
- Somewhat Undetectable (you still get caught if you touch an enemy or if a camera spots you, otherwise you could be right next to an enemy and they won’t notice)
- Unlimited Bullets in Clip
- No Recoil

Author: kemenner

The source of information - Dex: Enhanced Edition

DOWNLOAD (10.1 Kb) 2021-Jan-09

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