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Diablo 1 (HD, GoG Version) - Table for Cheat Engine {Marc}


  • god-mode
  • unlimited mana
  • no durability loss on items
  • always possible to buy items, even with no gold
  • Boost Experience (just select max XP in the listbox which brings you to the XP for the next level up)
  • boost all character stats directly or via attribute points to spent
  • freezable hitpoints (they are encoded so the value looks weird but it works)
  • fast walk
  • more and better item drops
  • reveal map
  • only one item place required for an item (ok, looks ugly)
  • get all spells
  • push all spell levels by 25 or even to 65535
  • freeze Monsters
  • unlimited staff charges
  • unlimited uses of items in belt
    {*]increase amount and quality of dropped magic items
  • see through walls
  • walk through walls
  • auto-self rezzing
  • no drops when dying
  • fast hit recovery


Author: Marc

The source of information - Diablo 1

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