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Diablo 1 The Hell 2: Table for Cheat Engine v1.0 {centuryfile}

For release version v 1.0000
Basically I just took the table and modified the pointer and added current weapon durability address as well (in the main hand). This mod updates pretty frequently and this table might as well be outdated by the time you check this topic. I may try to keep it updated for a while. Check the original thread for details.

I'm not very satisfied with this table overall and I'd appreciate if following things were added from someone more knowledgeable (pm me if you want the link to the mod all-on-one, not sure if I can post it here):

  • Perk points, I couldn't even find it normally, definitively some shenanigans going on
  • Everything perk related, maybe they can be increased past their limit and still give bonuses, who knows
  • Amount of received ability points/perks per level (since there's a perk that increases amount of received points per level, I'd recon this is possible)
  • Tracking of the "in battle" switch, to make saving and equipment change available at all times, including in special quest locations
  • Edits to the magic find/gold find/exp multiplier stats

Author: centuryfile

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