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Diablo 2: Table for Cheat Engine v1.1 {Nickerian}

Update (found the "Set position" function so i can hook by object ID) will update later so inventory/chest/skill/ability will be done (as far as i kno never done in D2 before atleast not in the latest versions in widescreen resolution)

version 1.14D

This is less of a "cheat" and more of making the game playable (single or with friends if anticheat is activate you will be banned on multiplayer)

Diablo 2 by default dont allow window mode and once you make it the window is locked to 2 different resolutions and window size (640x480 and 800x600). (even with tools like dxwnd)
The game also have included "1344x700" as a proper size but was never fully programmed.
if you edit the resolution to something not in the "accepted list" it will crash due to bad programming.

to run the game in window mode create a shortcut and add " -w" in the target box

"Screen Size Only"
I made a script that allow you to "choose" window size of the game (activate at startup) you can change the size by edit the script. This will allow you to "resize" the window to make it playable on 1080 and 4k resolution (desktop)

"Resolution Hook" (includes Screen Size Only)
"Potion Position"
"Chest and inventory pos fix"
I made a script that allow you to change the resolution to the none selectable "1344x700" which does cause artifacts and some i never was able to solve / didnt wanna invest the time to.

(Stuff that will be messedup is the inventory, chest, attribute, skill popup boxes "Chest and inventory pos fix". you can simply leave it off but when activated atleast the inventory and skill is in the right place)
Note that you can set X to "79" and leave Y to be able to use the chest "cash storage" properly

Issue is that left and right side is both decided on value X (distance from left/right wall) and i have not been able to select them independently in a time effective matter

Author: Nickerian

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