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Die Young: Table for Cheat Engine v1.0.0.20 {Paul44}

This table allows you to hover freely around the island. The table is based on my initial AC series Teleport table; but I've - more or less - made it far more generic. Basically: this table could be used in any game, once the player's unique coordinates are found...

Just to be clear: not thàt straightforward; still some work to do on your part. The 'Cheat Table Lua Script' hardly needs any update (except for the game's exe). It should also work for x32/x64 exes.
The Freecam script needs - primarily - to implement the ' // original coordinates...' and ' // updated coordinates...' parts. The other "stuff" in there is just copy/paste...
2 challenges remain on your part:
1. find a Godmode cheat: most games I've worked with (such as AC series) keep track on 'how heigh' you've moved up. Meaning: even if you drop close to a surface, you will still die if your original height/z-value was way lower...
2. identify the player's unique structures (basically for health and coordinates): for this game, I found out that the 'health' structure gave a unique pointer, which I could use in both scripts. (however, I did use a different value in the freecam script, which still seems to do its proper thing... - I did add an additional option if needed)

Table features:
- health & Godmode (when enabled, enemies can still be killed)
- free cam (you MUST enable Godmode first, or you'll get killed just by hitting some "physical structure" (like a tree, rock, surface, etc))

Hovering is done using the NUM-keys (see Help function)

ps: I am not playing this game anymore. Started sometime end januari (the game received very good reviews), but the game is truely 'open world'; meaning it takes up (too much of my) time to get around... 
(will keep it on my disk for another month or so; just in case ~ no request/etc.)
ps2: there is - at least - another table on this forum, giving you additional cheats...

Author: Paul44

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