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Disco Elysium: The Final Cut - Table for Cheat Engine {all_my_sins}


  • Pass all white skill checks with double sixes
  • Pass all passive skill checks
  • Free Heals (able to heal health/morale with the healy buttons without medicine or the like)
  • Player Character Info (open/close inventory after activating script to populate)
    • xp
    • level
    • skill points
    • money
  • Skill/Ability Info (open character sheet to populate)
    • health damage
    • morale damage
    • modifiable skill and ability values (persistent and non-persistent)

New Game
The Skill/Ability Info function can be used to modify the 4 core abilities. Click "Create Your Own" after activating the script. Modify the persistent values to whatever you wish them to be. The game will not immediately reflect the changes you make, but they'll update after you select a signature skill.

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