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Dishonored: Table for Cheat Engine +13 {VampTY}

- ammo, you need only one item in your inventory to make it work
- detection, now there's 3 detectors running while playing, i've set it only for the first detector, that one with the radar scan, since i went rogue in the game, killing all, anyway you can run/walk as you please, they'll ignore you, so enemies won't detect you, machines will, the second detector is by machines, the third detector is on dlc on a stage on challenges, i didn't do that, because i killed them all
- both resources cheats work if you have at least 1 or 2 items in you inventory
- health, you just can't die no matter what, even if you're shot, fired, hit, bitten, electrocuted, fall down etc
- your oxigen won't deplete
- unlimited stamina for all those powers, use them as your heart desires
- dlc, when used will add a lot of kills for your score
- dlc, when you loot it also adds a lot in your amount
- dlc, points, you'll see them added after you'll kill one enemy
- dlc, timer, it freezes time in those stages when you need the time to do certain things, enable/disable at will
- dlc, adds oil tanks when you need to shoot them, just shoot one and you'll see
- dlc, coins, enable in order to buy all those things when you start some mission
Also on DLC, on those stages when you have unlimited ammo by default, don't enable also the ammo cheat!

Author: VampTY

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