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Divinity: Original Sin 2: Table for Cheat Engine v3.6.58.1306 {Zanzer}


Unlimited Health
Unlimited Action Points
Unlimited Carry Weight
No Cooldown
Unlimited Durability
Unlimited Items
Unlimited Inventory Split
Increase Movement Speed
Selected Character Pointers (after changing attributes or skills, manually spend +1 in-game to save)
Last Item Moved Pointers
Mouseover Item Editor (doesn't save, oh well)
Treat Containers as New
Find Item in New Container (must have lucky charm)
Set Treasure Level
Print Global Variables - <address> <name> (<value>) - use float type
Print Treasure Identifiers - shows ID and name of each item (use to find current item ID labels for the Find Item script)

Is GM Variable under Selected Character Pointers (Item Editor) No Longer Working
Set the variable to 1 to enable Game Master mode
Do a Quick Save with F5 and a Quick Load with F8 so the changes take full effect
You can now right-click on your existing gear and select Manage
When you're done cheating, set the Is GM variable back to 0
Quick Save with F5 and Quick Load with F8 to go back to normal

Warning The Find Item hack will replace a container's contents.
This could probably include quest items, so use with caution!
Maybe find an area with lots of containers and then save the game.
Open all of the containers to make sure they don't contain something important.
Then reload the game and use the hack as you please.

Author: Zanzer

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