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DOOM Eternal: Table for Cheat Engine {Loveness}


1. Unrestrict Console Commands/CVars & Bind - unlock all the console commands
2. Add 'noclip' & 'notarget' Commands - add /noclip and /notarget commands to console
3. Permanent God Mode - enable God Mode future.
4. Enable Inf. Health and Enable Inf. Armor - make Health and Armor to not be affected when you receive damage.
5. Increase Health and Increase Armor - increase Health and Armor to 999. These options work if Enable Inf. Health and Enable Inf. Armor options are enabled.
6. Enable One Hit Kills
7. Enable Glory Kills - works if Enable One Hit Kills is enabled. This option if is enabled, will set the Blood Punches to 0, if the Infinite Blood Punches option is enabled. Just press E (Blood Punches button) and you'll make a glory kill on every monster even without to shoot on them.
8. Infinite Damage Multiplier - will scale the damage of your weapon, blood punch, firegun, grenades etc. to infinite. This option is, practically, the same as Enable One Hit Kills option, the only difference is that Enable One Hit Kills option gives you the possibility to make a glory kill after you make a shoot on a monster.
9. Unlimited Lives - sets the lives to 99, permanently.
10. Infinite Ammo - sets the ammo to 999, permanently.
11. Infinite Jumps
12. Infinite Dash
13. Infinite Blood Punches - will disable Blood Punches, if Enable Glory Kills option is enabled.
14. Infinite Crucible Swords
15. No Grenades Cooldown - infinite grenades.
16. No Firegun Cooldown - unlimited fires (R button)
17. No Radiation + Infinite Oxygen - works even you don't have the radiation shield.
18. Drop Everything from Mobs - when you kill a monster, you will receive ammo, health, armor, the same when you kill a monster with a chainsaw
19. Weapons No Cooldowns - will make some weapons mods to be charged all the time.
20 . Enable Perfect Cooldowns - This option will make the all weapons to be charged instantly, but will make the ballista unstable. So if you don't use ballista, you can enable this. This option works if Weapons No Cooldowns is enabled.
21. Complete Stage Challenges - automatically complete all campaign stage (mission) challenges. Don't work on month/week challenges offered by the game server.
22. Character Points - you can set the value for your desired option: weapon, master, praetor, sentinel and empyral points. Leave Praetor points to 0 till the game offers you this option to enable Praetor options, otherwise you will get stack on the 2nd mission.

Author: Loveness

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