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Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2: Table for Cheat Engine {Geordan9}

IMPORTANT: In the table's internal lua script are custom value types and it'll prompt you to run them or not when you launch the table. These are needed for the certain XOR-ed encrypted values in memory such as currency and player attributes.

You'll find the editable values under XG Core and you'll most likely be working with:
XG -> Game -> Battle -> Core -> Main System
XG -> Game -> Event-> System -> Selection/Battle -> Timer
XG -> Game -> Game Data
XG -> Game -> TTL Data (Hero Colosseum)

Many pointers in XG Core have been found, organized, and programmatically obtained by the scripts under XG Core -> Setup. You can minimize that section once everything activates and looks fine. You can find an accurate and visual timer in the Battle section, but the one you'll most likely want to edit is under the Event section.

Although many pointers have been laid out, a majority of them have not been mapped out or near completion.
Anything with a label (not value) as "???" or includes that means I'm unsure of what it is or what to call it.
Example: For XG -> Game -> Game Data -> General Data -> Raid Data ???, I am unsure if this should be generalized/labeled as "Raid Data". Also, you'll find the new Partners' unlock flags added in latest update there.


  • XG Core: Contains pointers and mapped out data to view and edit for the game.
  • Scripts:
    • Replace Moveset: Injects to the instructions reading the .cms file and allows you to replace a character's, by ID, moveset with another character through their short name or relative path (ex. "../HIT/HIT").
    • Override CaC Character ID: Tested in Story mode, this allows you to replace your CaC's character with another character's by their ID.
    • Camera No Clip: Tested in city lobby, this will allow the camera to clip through obstacles.
    • Cords (City): Gets a pointer that, most of the time, points to your character's coordinates in the city and includes preset cords to warp to.
    • Timespace Delivery Item Modifier: Injects code to use user inputted values for the item, type, and quantity when sending items to other players.
    • Unlimited Items: Won't decrease items when used.
    • Shenron No Balls: Summon Shenron in city even when you don't have Dragon Balls.
    • Fly/Jump/Vehicle Anywhere: Fly, jump, or use your vehicles in any area in the overworld/lobby.
    • Bypass Equip Verification: Bypass equipment check when game loads save file and when loading a character so it won't unequip them.
    • Bypass Stat and Point Limits: Not tested in latest version, bypasses stat and point limits when loading a character.
    • Show All Skills (CaC) and (Partner): Shows all skills in the skill menu for your CaCs and Partners.
    • Show All Equipment (CaC) and (Partner): Shows all equipable equipment in the skill menu for your CaCs and Partners (Not many things for Partners anyway).
    • Show All Mentors & Unlocks: Gives access to all unlockable mentors/partners and their unlockables.
    • Show All Nicks/Marks/Badges: Gives access to all nicks, marks, and badges in the "Play Data" menu (Badges menu only selectable while connected to DBXV2 servers).
    • Show All Items In Shops: Shows all items in shops for normal shop clerks. Not tested for other shop menus.
    • Show All Selectable Characters: All selectable characters in character selection will be accessible.
    • Show All Selectable Stages: All selectable stages in stage selection will be accessible.
    • Enable DLC: Working on version 1.15, finds address to DLC flags and allows you to manually set them to 1 to access them.
    • XG -> Common -> C System EAC -> Bypass EAC Online Checks: Will bypass specific instructions that would crash the game if the "EAC Status" value is manually set to 1 / Enabled.
    • XG -> Battle -> Core -> Main System -> Timer -> Redirect Timer (Keep Updated): Will make the visual timer always update with the accurate timer when you make modifications to the accurate and real timer.
    • XG -> Battle -> Core -> Main System -> Player Data -> Player -> Scripts...: Contains scripts for infinite/non-decreasing values and Ignored or Forced functions for the specific player.
    • XG -> Battle -> Core -> Main System -> Player Data -> Player -> Buffs and Debuffs (Override): Forces the specified buffs or debuffs to be active or not.
    • XG -> Event -> System -> Selection/Battle ??? -> Force Load Map ID: Forces the stage loaded when initializing a match by the ID.


Author: Geordan9

The source of information - Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

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