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Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot - Table for Cheat Engine v1.04 {CarbonZuki}

Here's my table for DBZ Kakarot, just tested it and still works for v1.04 though no one else has tested it, i've completely reset my computer and all and scripts still work.

Cheat Feats:
- god mode
- inf ki
- inf extra ki meter
- 1 hit kill (Enable then Disable and kill the enemy)
- max current player xp (edit script to desired amount you want, edit value after the # sign)
- max all acquired items (same above, modify the value after # sign to desired amount)
pointer scripts include current player char stats, wallet (zen, d medals and all orbs), items (work in progress) all 7 Dragon Balls Pointer's included!

(Character Stats pointers when having companion with you, the pointers will auto read the companions stats until you pause game, characters, PLAYER then the pointers will read the character you are playing as instead of the companions)

most pointers only work once you pause the game.
Character stats only work when entering the character stats screen via pause/character. (items only change if you are going into the items menu, if you are in it and change a value it won't show the modded value tell you go back to main pause menu then back into the items menu)

If it doesn't work let me know and i can try and update it. eventually plan on adding all items so that's why there's empty tabs.... theres about 2300 total items to add.

Author: CarbonZuki

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