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Dragon Quest Builders 2: Table for Cheat Engine {DrummerIX}

Options so far:
Always Max Hunger Gauge
Infinite HP
Set Max Attack
Set Max Defense
Minimum Inventory Quantity
Infinite Stamina
Gratitude Point Multiplier
Moon Jump Pointer (Press Hotkey)
Can Craft All Known Recipes/No Material Requirement
Infinite Items While Crafting
Gathering Items Multiplier
Quick Cook Time
Pointers to Inventory Quantity and Item ID
Pointers to Current HP, Max HP, Hunger Gauge, Attack, Defense, Stamina, Gratitude Points, Mini Medals

These may port over to the release version fairly easily and I plan on working on some more things when the game releases on December 10th, 2019.

Author: DrummerIX

The source of information - Dragon Quest Builders 2

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