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Dragon Quest XI S: Definitive Edition - Table for Cheat Engine {DrummerIX}

Options so far:
Damage Modifier (FOR 3D MODE) (God Mode, One Hit Kill, etc.)
MP Damage Modifier (FOR 3D MODE) (Infinite MP, HeroMPDamageMult)
Gold Multiplier (After Battle)
EXP Multiplier (After Battle)
Skill Point Cost Multiplier
Infinite Item Usage / Set Minimum Amt
Shop Override
Infinite Turns Good Status For Allies / Infinite Turns Bad Status For Enemies
Infinite Horse Stamina
Damage Modifier (FOR 2D MODE) (God Mode, etc.)
MP Damage Modifier (FOR 2D MODE) (Infinite MP, HeroMPDamageMult)
Monster Defeated Multiplier
Equipment Bonus Modifier Options (Block, Parry, Dodge, Critical, etc)
Perfect Item Bashing (Forge Equipment)
Forge Temp Never Decrease
Always Drop Options (Either Rare or Common)
Instant Party Pep Up
Force Off Some Draconian Quests With Them Officially Still On (No Armor, No Shopping)
Pointer to Gold, Mini Medals and Perfectionist Pearls
Pointer to Highlighted Item ID and Qty
Character Editor Pointers
Pointers to Draconian Quest Options

Author: DrummerIX

The source of information - Dragon Quest XI S

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