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Dragon Star Varnir: Table for Cheat Engine +16 {GreenHouse}


- Infinite Health
You'll always have 500 health.

- Infinite SP
You'll always have 500 SP.

- One Hit Kill
Kill everything with just one attack.

- Infinite Inventory Items
You'll have 99 of every item in the inventory. This will give you every upgrade of them too.

- Infinite Factor Points
You'll always have 900 factor points.

- Infinite Gold
You'll always have 900,000,000 of gold.

- Infinite Dragon Awakening
The dragon awakening will last forever.

- No Quest Requirements
Quests will have no requirements, so you can complete them instantly.

- 100% Devour Rate
You'll have a 100% probability of devouring. Bosses that can't be devoured, will still not devourable.

- No Ailments
Remove all ailments, you won't get any kind of ailments.

- EXP Multiplier
Multiply the amount of EXP that you gain by any number that you want, 2, 5 or 900, your choice.

- Gold Multiplier
Multiply the amount of gold that you gain by any number that you want, 2, 5 or 900, your choice.

- Infinite Fly
You'll be able to fly forever.

- Get Camera
Get camera info, like min and max zoom, tilt and rotation. Enjoy the views

- Get Characters and Little Sisters
Get the stats of all the characters (HP/SP/Damage/Defense/Speed) and the satisfaction and Dragon Growth from Little Sisters.

- Extra
This will include extra things to change. Right now it only has 'Game Speed'.

Author: GreenHouse

The source of information - Dragon Star Varnir

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